At Welcome Pickups, we have been working hard setting up many new safety initiatives and features to ensure the well-being, health and safety of our community of travellers and drivers.

It is a challenging time for us. Mobility and travel have been impacted due to the uncertain period we are all confronting.

However, this has not stopped us from preparing for the day after, when people will start travelling again. safety is now part of Welcome Pickups’ determinant force, and have planned many new safety feature releases to continually improve the in-destination experience of our travellers.

While releasing all of these great safety features and preparing impatiently to meet and greet our travellers once again, we realised that we needed to find a way to ensure that our customers could share with us how safe they felt during a ride within one of our 57 destinations. 

Introducing a new Metric for Safety

This is why we developed our new safety metric, the Net Safety Score (NSS).

The NSS will allow our passengers to share feedback, in the same way that they would rate any other service, through two simple questions at the end of each ride: 

  1. The first one will be asking how safe passengers felt during the ride with regards to their health; and 
  2. The second one will focus on how we can improve our service to ensure the highest safety standards

The resulting score will be shared publicly as the enforcement of transparency towards our goal of being the safest.  Welcome Pickups is proud to be rated as the best travel mobility service worldwide, with an NPS of +89, and we plan to also be rated as the safest mobility service worldwide, with the highest NSS score. 

Our safety protocol 

Our safety protocol is rigorous and comprehensive:

  • All cars are cleaned for every new customer and we’ve implemented a 20-minute period between rides to give drivers lots of time. 
  • We offer contactless travel, with personal protective equipment available to pre-order. 
  • All of our drivers are carefully vetted and trained, with regular compliance checking.

Customer safety is vital. But it’s not enough without creating trust and peace of mind. The Net Safety Score will give us insightful data, in order to measure the impact of our safety measures, and will help us become the safest available form of ground transportation.

We can’t wait to see you again, in the safest way.  

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