Welcome Pickups is thrilled to announce its new partnership with VLC Host – a specialised real estate and tourism agency focused on managing third-party and vacation properties in Valencia. From now on, when renting a VLC Host apartment, you can book a Welcome Pickups transfer to your holiday home, ensuring a seamless, fun and safe experience from the moment you land.

More about VLC Host

VLC Host is a personalised real estate and tourism management company in Valencia, Spain. They aim to assist customers in getting the most out of their properties with the best strategies possible. Their portfolio varies between urban and exclusive buildings, artistic apartments painted by renowned national and local artists and luxury residences. VLC Host guarantees individual attention to every handled project and ensures that solutions always meet or exceed their guests’ expectations.

With their own building of four stunning apartments in the heart of Valencia and over five years of experience, VLC Host manages over 100 properties, allowing them to invest and consolidate their position in the local real estate and tourism market.

What this partnership entails

Partnering with Welcome Pickups is ideal for vacation rentals, hotels, affiliates and travel agencies to create the perfect travel experience for their customers. While travellers book their accommodation through VLC Host, they can also book a private transfer – in the same booking flow! Welcome Pickups eliminates arrival pressure, making the traveller’s airport transfer pleasurable, and provides exciting insights and local knowledge about popular attractions in the city. With their multilingual team of professional drivers, visitors can easily navigate their destinations safely and effortlessly. This partnership allows for a stress-free experience, stretching above and beyond a traveller’s accommodation needs with a simple, all-in-one booking.

Welcome Pickups is here to provide the best in-destination travel experience possible. With over 500+ vacation rental companies and more than 20K apartments, they set up automated transfers whilst boosting their partner’s earnings and upselling the traveller’s arrival experience.

Continue counting on us to make travel easier, friendlier, and more personalised. Learn more about Welcome’s partnership options and what they entail by heading to the company’s Partners Website.

About Welcome Pickups

Founded in 2015 in Athens, Greece, Welcome Pickups is a VC-backed travel/tech startup that has turned simple airport pickups into value-driven travel experiences. As the company continues to grow and scale its operations to significant destinations globally, Welcome is quickly becoming a global category leader for in-destination travel services.-

One of the highest-rated global transportation companies, with a 4.9/5-star rating on TripAdvisor, Trustpilot, and other top review platforms.
– 100 destinations in 50 countries – with goals to reach 400 by 2024 EOY.
– 33 new destinations launched in 2022.
– Over 2,000 travel partners – adding 50+ new ones to its portfolio monthly.
– Over 1 million happy travellers every year.

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