Welcome Pickups continues with its speedy expansion as it announces the launch of 2 new destinations, Bogota and Medellin, bringing the total to 55 countries across the globe.

May 22nd, 2023, Athens – Following successful launches in over 120 destinations and dedicated efforts to expand in Latin America (LATAM), Welcome Pickups is thrilled to announce its arrival in Colombia. Travellers can now take advantage of Welcome’s 5-star services in Bogota and Medellin. Recognised for its strong post-covid recovery, Colombia’s air transport broke records in 2022 with over 43.5 million passengers flying into the country, 13.7 million of which were international.

Colombia’s beating heart, Bogota, is home to over 10 million people and its international airport contributed to 74% of flight arrivals last year. Furthermore, the city’s hotel occupancy rate reached 68% in March this year, its highest level since the pandemic. This vibrant capital city packs so much of the country’s natural beauty, history and character within its limits, making it a brilliant destination for those who want to experience the best parts of Colombia all in one place. From diverse authentic cuisine and a thriving nightlife to an endless supply of museums and green spaces, Bogota is one of South America’s most eclectic and trendiest cities. Visitors can stroll the charming streets of La Candelaria or check out the Gold Museum. Surrounded by Andean peaks, travellers also frequent this region for its stunning natural wonders. A crowd favourite is hiking up Mount Monserrate to visit the captivating 17th-century basilica and take in the best views around Bogota. 

In 2022, Medellin welcomed over 1,4 million international visitors, of which 20% were from the US, 16% from Europe and the rest from Latin America. Despite Medellin’s complicated past, it has undergone a considerable transformation and its airport is now Colombia’s second biggest hub. Located at the bottom of a steep valley and surrounded by tall mountains and lush greenery, more and more travellers are flocking to this newly emerged urban metropolis seeking culturally rich and authentic experiences with a stunning natural backdrop. Known as the ‘City of Eternal Spring’, Medellin’s pleasant weather and colourful neighbourhoods attract many searching for an off-the-beaten-path paradise. What’s more, the city doesn’t shy away from its recent history, with attractions like the Museum of Pablo Escobar and the Medellin Metrocable being amongst the most popular. Visitors can watch authentic neighbourhoods go by on the iconic Metrocable or hike up 740 steps from Piedra de Penol for unbeatable panoramic views.

With a premium transfer solution specially designed to support businesses within the travel sector, partnering with Welcome Pickups is an excellent way for hotels, affiliates, vacation rental managers and travel agencies to provide added value to their customer experience whilst increasing their revenue and streamlining their operations. If you’re considering joining the 50+ travel partners partnering with Welcome every month, book a demo and discover more details about Welcome Pickup’s personalised transfer service, sightseeing tours, trained English-speaking drivers and 24/7 customer service.


About Welcome Pickups

Founded in 2015 in Athens, Greece, Welcome Pickups is a VC-backed travel/tech startup that has turned simple airport pickups into value-driven travel experiences. As the company continues to grow and scale its operations to significant destinations globally, Welcome is quickly becoming a global category leader for in-destination travel services.

– One of the highest-rated global transportation companies with a rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars on TripAdvisor, Trustpilot, and other top review platforms.
– 122 destinations in 55 countries – with goals to reach 400 by 2024 EOY.
– 33 new destinations launched in 2022.
– Over 2,000 travel partners – adding 50+ new ones to its portfolio monthly.
– Over 1 million happy travellers every year.

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